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What is Undesign the Redline?

  • An interactive exhibit, created by Designing the We, that explains the history of redlining–the explicit devaluation of residential areas based on race–and other, once legal policies that denied Blacks residents and other people of color access to homeownership in upper Northwest DC and nationwide

  • An exploration of how segregated communities developed in the 20th century and the residual, lasting effect of redlining and other public policies: racial inequity

  • A catalyst for change that invites visitors to learn, share, and take action to dismantle systemic discrimination

Watch this short video to learn more.

April 11 - July 11, 2024

Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library

3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Washington DC, 20008


The exhibit is open during regular library hours. Optional guided tours are available: Thursdays and  Sundays at 1:30pm.


Contact Bill Jensen at if you would like to arrange a private tour for your group.

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When and Where?

Undesign the Redline: An Introduction

Dayton, Ohio 2021

By cutting off the flow of investment to communities of color, redlining was how structural racism was designed into American cities, including DC and its suburbs.

Inequalities in housing, education, income, criminal justice, and health persist in Ward 3 and beyond. 

Understanding the uncomfortable truth that upper Northwest DC’s history is part of the national history of redlining is the first step to addressing racial inequities.

We need to ask: How did we get here? How do we use our knowledge of these inequalities to guide us forward? How can we come together to “undesign” these systems with intentionality?

The Undesign the Redline exhibit focusing on upper Northwest DC will help answer these questions.


Contact us at
if you’d like to get involved.

Why this exhibit?  Why now?

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